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Electric Bike Share Scheme on the Cards for Haringey (UK)

11th Nov 2013

The borough of Haringey was chosen to trial Britain’s first “Barclays Bike-style” electric cycle hire scheme.  Following bids from boroughs to become ‘Mini-Hollands’, Haringey was identified as being an optimum location for this e-bike trial, due to particularly hilly areas in the borough and the potential to use e-bikes to link in with public transport.  The trial scheme is likely to operate in a similar way to the existing Barclays Cycle Hire scheme in inner London, with users riding between docking stations, though it will be completely self-contained and bikes will not be interchangeable with the main scheme. 

Fatalities of Pedestrians, Bicycle Riders, and Motorists Due to Distracted Driving (US)

11th Nov 2013

This report analyses road deaths occurring between 2005 and 2010 and finds that distracted drivers are the cause of an increasing share of fatalities found among pedestrians and bicycle riders.  The report concludes that "policies are needed to protect pedestrians and bicycle riders as they cross intersections or travel on roadways."

A review of the effectiveness of adult cycle training (London)

11th Nov 2013

The effectiveness of adult cycle training conducted in Tower Hamlets (a borough in London) was evaluated using a before and 3 month after survey approach.  Cycling and physical activity increased after the training among respondents. Early indications from this are that cycle training may offer good value for money.

Evaluating safe routes to school events that designate days for walking and bicycling (US)

11th Nov 2013

This study evaluated both quantitative and qualitative aspects of a "Safe Routes to School" event.  Increased active travel was observed the day of the event and two weeks later. Walking partner group size and parent escort numbers significantly increased. Parent surveys revealed changes in motivation and perception for active travel. Interviews with community leaders exposed unexpected benefits from the events.

Bike handling skills training is key to increasing participation in cycling (Australia)

11th Nov 2013

AustCycle has released the findings of its three-year study into adult participation in cycling, revealing just how vital cycle skills training is in getting more people on their bikes. Some 9 in 10 respondents highly rated their cycle training experience and 76% were still cycling twelve months post-course. Approximately 1 in 3 reported improvements in their feelings of wellbeing and fitness, and 1 in 5 said they had lost weight as a result of the training.  Confidence levels in participants also significantly increased, with 74% self-reporting that they were confident or very-confident in their cycling skills after attending an AustCycle program, a rise of 30% on figures collected pre-course.