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Cycling Gear Every Rider Should Own

Written by Benjamin Ling

Whether just beginning as a cyclist, or riding as a veteran with many years and cycling adventures under their belt, there is always a need for acquiring and maintaining the necessary cycling essentials. As anyone who has even a tiny amount of cycling experience is going to know, it is dangerous or at least not as fun to ride without having all of the absolutely necessary gear items in good condition. For this reason, it is helpful to provide cyclists with critical information about the kinds of cycling gear every rider should own, which is exactly what is going to be addressed here:

Riding With a High Quality Cycling Helmet

State Bicycle Co. – Team Issue Helmet by Lazer from State Bicycle Co.

Aside from the bicycle itself, one of the most important gear items for cycling is of course the helmet. This is basically the one critical line of defense protecting riders from a devastating head trauma in the event of an accident. If a cyclist is equipped with a a high quality riding helmet, then they can officially cross one of the most essential cycling gear items off of their check list. In order to benefit any cyclists currently looking for a great and affordable helmet option to choose from, one great product option is the Giro Atmos II Bike Helmet. This helmet by Giro retails around $140.00, which compared to some of the other elite cycling helmet models is not terribly expensive. While a cyclist could invest in a helmet at twice the cost of a brand new Giro Atmos II Bike Helmet, the extra investment is not likely to yield any additional return.

Comfortable and Snug Fitting Cycling Shoes

DZR Mechanics Shoe

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For another critical piece of cycling gear, well fitting cycling shoes are something which every rider needs to have if they want to have a good cycling experience. Given that cycling shoes are not like regular shoes since they have a clip on the bottom which attaches to the bike pedal, it is important to not make the mistake of thinking that any old pair of tennis shoes will be fine for going cycling. One solid product example for a nice pair of cycling shoes are the Pearl Izumi RD III Cycling shoes. Retailing at around $40.00-$50.00, these cycling shoes are very affordable considering their high quality and useful functionality. Available in black and gray, these extremely light weight and well-ventilated cycling shoes are a fantastic choice for any up and coming rider.

Cycling Gloves and Basic Apparel Options

John Boultbee 1866
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While out cycling, wearing the right apparel and gloves can make all the difference. Sometimes in the absence of well made cycling gloves, a rider’s hands can begin to chafe and blister. For this reason, wearing cycling gloves can make riding a much more relaxing and pain free experience. In the same way that gloves can improve the experience of going out cycling, having the right aerodynamic and breathable fabrics for apparel options can also improve a cycling outing. Trying to ride in loose fitting fabrics is a mistake that most cyclists tend to only make once, since a baggy fabric can end up seriously slowing a rider down. Spandex riding gear is generally the best choice, but with gloves it can be harder for cyclists to make their decision concerning which gloves to invest in. To aid in the decision process, one great example of quality cycling gloves are the Castelli Lightness Gloves. These particular cycling gloves are an awesome option for cyclists as they are attractive, form fitting, and affordable at only $30.00 per pair. Having the right gloves can truly make all the difference on a long ride, so investing in quality is never a mistake.

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