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Amsterdam to invest €57 million in bicycle parking and lanes


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 Amsterdam investeert in de fiets

Amsterdam goes to 2016 €57 million investment in measures for cyclists. The municipality will until 2020 38.000 additional parking spaces and the most dangerous roads at least 15 km red bicycle lanes construction.

The past 20 years has been the use of the bicycle by Amsterdam grown spectacularly. The number of bicycle trips by more than 40 percent. Amsterdammers are around two million kilometers by day and for short rides the bike inside the ring now even the most used means of transport.

The growth continues. Thus, the number of bicycle trips to and from train stations in 2020 is expected to rise by 25%. Daily impose Amsterdammers already about 2 million kilometers on the bike. Investing in facilities has lagged behind this growth resulting in bulging bike racks and on the main routes into the city center to narrow paths, according to the municipality. In addition, 56% of serious casualties a cyclist compared with 48% in 2000.

The cycle network in Amsterdam largely in order, according to the note, only in the inner city is often too little space to separate bike paths to build. Therefore, in the places where the biggest problems are in total 15 km red asphalt applied. Also, the municipality works with so-called Plus Nets: major reconstructions in the busiest routes arranged so that cyclists more space.

For the period up to 2020 the municipality invests together with parties as ProRail and the Amsterdam City Region almost € 120 million for the main bottlenecks in the field of bicycle parking and bicycle network to solve. Of this € 90 million earmarked for the realization of the 38,000 bicycle parking spaces. Until 2040, a total of approximately € 200 million needed, of which € 170 million for bicycle parking. The increased use of bicycles save the city annually € 20 million in public transport and € 20 million in infrastructure for traffic. Compared to other forms of transport delivers invest in the bike the most impact per euro, so counting the municipality.

Part of the plan is to increase the number Bike Points to expand. This bicycle parking concept has been at South Station. In the indoor stables of South Station, cyclists the first day of free stalls, from the second day cyclists pay 50 cents per day. 74% of cyclists unused for less than 24 hours. With the NS in 2013 made the now mostly empty indoor garage at the Amstel convertible to Fietspunt. From 2016, the municipality Fietspunt the concept spread to new build indoor stables at the Central Station.

It will encompass the existing bicycle parking capacity in the public space utilization by setting a maximum parking for 7 or 14 days in busy areas, parking restrictions and enforcement.

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Dated - 01.11.2012

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