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Get on your bike…safely! - Keilor Park Vic


Keilor Park resident Helen Weir has been teaching kids how to ride bikes for more than 18 years.

HELEN Weir is encouraging children to hop on a bike, get in shape and learn their road safety rules.

The Keilor Park resident is a familiar face at the Green Gully Traffic Safety School where she hosts private lessons for kids who want to learn how to ride a bike on their own.

Ms Weir has been a volunteer of the traffic school for almost two decades after she agreed to take on the combined role of secretary and treasurer in 1994.

The mother-of-two said she decided to get involved in the community project because she has a love for working with kids.

“It’s a pleasure teaching children who haven’t been able to ride. They just get on the bike and have that instinct in them and it’s a great feeling,” she said.

“I enjoy working with children and I even do private lessons for them if they don’t know how to ride a bike.”

Ms Weir said she holds at least three classes a week and teaches each budding cyclist that they must always wear a helmet and keep both eyes on the road.

“You have got to have balance. A lot of people look at their feet when they ride, and as soon as they look at their feet, they lose where they are going and their balance.”

She believes it is important that children are taught the road rules at an early age and would like to see more schools bring their students to the traffic safety centre.

“I think the children should learn about it. If they start having lessons in schools like they use to, it will give them an insight as to what is expected of them and what is worst case scenario.”

When she is not helping out at the centre, Ms Weir said she spends her spare time scrapbooking, breeding Burmese cats and getting in touch with her spiritual side. 

For more information about the Green Gully Traffic School call 9364 3188.

Ms Weir is a nominee for the Star Volunteer of the Year Award. 

Each week a different volunteer will be profiled and a winner of the inaugural award will be announced 8 January next year. 

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Dated - 20.11.2012

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