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Willoughby and Lane Cove councils defend their bike spend- Sydney

LANE Cove and Willoughby councils have failed to meet the spending threshold on bicycle infrastructure but performed strongly compared with Sydney counterparts, a report has found.

The Bicycle Network's 2012 BiXE (bicycle expenditure index) measures each council's budget against a $5 per-resident threshold for spending on lanes, paths, signs and other facilities.

According to the BiXE report, Lane Cove Council has committed to spending $100,000, or $3.01 per resident, in 2012/13; Willoughby Council will spend $170,000, or $2.37 per resident.

A spokeswoman for Lane Cove Council said the report didn't take into consideration $170,000 being spent on the River Rd shared-user path, a joint-funding arrangement with Roads and Maritime Services.

"Although this brings the amount of funds allocated to bicycle infrastructure to $8.13 per capita, we would prefer to measure the performance of our expenditure on the successful implementation of the Lane Cove Bicycle Plan over the next five to 10 years," she said.

A spokeswoman for Willoughby Council said its level of spending on bicycle infrastructure was determined as part of the annual budgetary review and balanced against other competing infrastructure projects.

"Council believes it has made good progress towards completion of its bicycle network in the past five years with strong growth in cyclist numbers being seen on key routes," she said.

The spokeswoman said the council would be spending money on three new bike routes in Chatswood, Artarmon and Willoughby.


Sydney City Council: $89.38

Mosman Council: $3.56

Lane Cove Council: $3.01

Willoughby Council: $2.37

Hornsby Council: $0.93

Burwood Council: $0.29

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Dated - 21.11.2012

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